About Us


We are driven by one common objective: to elect more Republicans in Travis County and the greater Austin metro area. In doing so, the Travis County Republican Party stands for and actively promotes the conservative Principles of the Republican party — representing the best of time-honored Texas values here in the capital city of the Lone Star State. We are solidly committed to growing the party.

We have strong representation in our executive committee, vibrant Republican clubs and auxiliaries, and loyal public service from among our elected officials with whom we share a close working relationship. We welcome you to join us, to get involved, and help us make a lasting impact for the future of our great community.

Our History

The Travis County Republican Party, being the official presence of the Grand Old Party (GOP) in Texas’s capital city, has origins just before the Civil War. The newly formed Republican Party favored the abolition of slavery, federalism, and other values Republicans continue to hold even today. Following the War Between the States, the Republican Party of Travis County enjoyed an influential role in the process of re-aligning Texas with the North. Records from this period are difficult to come by and the county party’s early history is obscure.

While our war-wounds were still healing during the Reconstruction Era, Democrats rose as the dominant political force in not only Travis County but everywhere else in Texas and throughout the South. Republicans statewide won sporadic offices in the decades to follow, but did not become more prominent in Texas politics until the Democratic Party began to give way to increasingly liberal policies out-of-step with your average Texan. Democrats strengthened their support of increased federal regulations, burdensome mandates on businesses, higher taxes, and abortion rights from conception to birth. Following the Presidency of Ronald Reagan, the “Reagan Democrats” began to break ranks from what had become the party of FDR and the Kennedys and no longer the true “party of the South.” By the mid-1990s many counties began to “flip” from Southern Democrat to Republican, and by the end of the decade all statewide seats were held by the Texas GOP with a majority of counties solidly Republican. 

Though Travis County and the greater Austin metro area continues to favor Democratic candidates — the proverbial “blueberry in the tomato soup” — the Travis GOP has made significant gains in recent years. We support an impressive number of locally elected Republican officials at all levels of government. We continue to make gains electorally and with an increased public outreach and media presence. We have a larger community network and support base than at any time in the county party’s long history. Will you join us and become an active part of Austin’s conservative future?

Our Rules

We are governed by the rules of the Republican Party of Texas which are approved at convention every two years as well as our own set of bylaws.

Our Logo

Our logo is a variation of the elephant mascot used by the Republican Party nationally. The official colors are the same ordered by Congress for use in the production of the U.S. flag (Pantone color codes Blue PMS 282, Red PMS 193, and opaque white — older versions used a lighter shade of blue). The flowing red and white stripes at the base of the African elephant demonstrate that we are a party founded upon the blood and sacrifice of our patriot ancestors both in the American and Texas revolutions. Being fiercely pro-Texas the elephant is positioned similarly to the blue square of the U.S. flag and Texas flag and contains one star — the Lone Star of Texas. The tusk indicates our willingness to fight for our conservative values. The trunk is held high in celebration of triumphs made and the hope of future victories in Austin and beyond.

Usage policy: Our Republican friends outside of Travis County are welcome to use the logo with permission (communications@travisgop.com) as long as the colors and dimensions are reproduced as faithfully as possible and the white star remain white. Below are several variations that may be used with permission. Official typefaces are Palatino Linotype bold and Franklin Gothic Heavy. Media are welcome to use the logo to identify the Travis County Republican Party. Monochrome reproductions are allowed.

Official logo with full name (2012). For use in all official correspondence.

Elephant logo on white field (2012).

Website promotional logo (2018).

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