RELEASE: Mask or no mask, parents, not school districts have power to choose

LEANDER, Texas — Mask or no mask: families decide, not local government entities such as school boards.

The Travis County Republican Party readily stands with Gov. Greg Abbott and Atty. Gen. Ken Paxton in defending the rights of families and taxpayers to choose whether to require their children to wear masks in public schools. Accordingly, TCRP opposes recent efforts by Leander ISD, Pflugerville ISD, and other local school districts and government entities in defying the Governor’s orders by requiring students to wear masks.

“Parental choice must be respected, period,” said Matt Mackowiak, Travis County Republican Chairman. “While we fully understand the uncertainty we all feel at this moment in time, we stand firm on our core Republican principles of strong families and our constitutional form of government. The Leander ISD and other local entities do not outrank the office of the governor or the state attorney general, nor should they pretend to take away power from those who pay the taxes which fund our public school districts. We look forward to the Texas Supreme Court’s conclusive ruling on this critically important matter. We urge our members to choose from a variety of the numerous other ways to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and do what works best for them. Any child whose parent wishes for them to wear masks in school can do so. Parents should be making decisions in this area.”

The Travis County Republican Party (TCRP or Travis GOP) elects Republicans at all levels of government and defends our conservative principles in the greater Austin metro area. For more information visit

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