TCRP Celebrates City Runoff Success

Austin Voters Send Clear Message That They Want City to Change Direction

AUSTIN — Below is a statement from TCRP chairman Matt Mackowiak on last night’s general election runoff. 

“Sanity is making a comeback in Austin. Having even just one pro-police, pro-transparency, pro-taxpayer candidate on the Austin City Council will make a tremendous difference in our efforts to stop the insanity of 2020 and restore full funding for public safety.

“Mackenzie Kelly and her team worked with an impressive team of volunteers eager to make sure the voices of Northwest Austin and District 6 were heard loudly Tuesday night. We are thrilled about her four-point victory over the radical Democrat incumbent and are grateful to all who contributed to her win.

“We also congratulate Jennifer Virden in District 10 on a hard-fought race. She nearly won, ultimately losing by a 51%-49% margin of fewer than 600 votes. Alison Alter voted for defunding the police and refuses to reinstate the camping ban. We hope this close race was a wake-up call for her. District 10 was drawn as a swing district in the original Austin 10-1 plan, which was originally won by a Republican. Virden’s momentum will translate to future victories in this critical district.

“We look forward to further victories in 2022.”

Published by Travis GOP

Communications for the Travis County Republican Party, the official GOP presence for the greater Austin, Texas, metro area.

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