2021 Resolutions

Below are all resolutions approved in the 2021 calendar year as they are/were approved.

Resolution regarding school curriculum and separation of church and state

Whereas schools in Texas have stripped religious rights of worship, curriculum, and prayer from the public square and schools, while allowing teachers, administrators, and students to indoctrinate children with atheist and humanist ideology and curriculum; now, therefore, be it  

BE IT RESOLVED that the Travis County Republican Party opposes school curriculum that imposes or promotes Critical Race Theory, sexual orientation and gender identity theory, atheist, humanist, progressive or socialist ideology upon our children. Instead we strongly encourage students to focus on STEM education, and fundamental skills like reading, writing, and arithmetic. Approved as amended 4/20/21

* * *

Resolution regarding economic integration and redistribution of wealth

Whereas the City of Austin has set goals or taken action to purchase hotels or create camps for the homeless in each district of Austin, to socialize housing, to provide universal basic income, to promote inclusionary zoning and rent control, to rework land use and development codes for these same goals; now, therefore, be it

BE IT RESOLVED that the Travis County Republican Party opposes efforts to redistribute wealth through universal basic income, socialized housing, district-placed homeless camps or hotels, or other methods that place the burden on taxpayers especially in suburban communities, negatively impacts affordability, and become a threat to economic freedom. Approved as amended 4/20/21

* * *

Resolution regarding healthcare

Whereas the State of Texas has lost affordable healthcare providers, especially for the self-employed and small business owners; now, therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED that the Travis County Republican Party supports legislation that will make healthcare costs more affordable and that will provide additional choices and flexibility, including private market healthcare policies that cover pre-existing conditions, provide catastrophic injury coverage for families without a cap, and allow for doctor of choice. Approved 4/20/21

* * *

Resolution regarding taxpayer-funded abortion and/or abortion services

Whereas the City of Austin has approved funding for abortion services, thereby forcing pro-life taxpayers to fund abortions and/or abortion services, violating religious freedom and freedom of the conscience;

Whereas the City of Austin and Travis County are breaking the law by funding abortion; current state law prohibits the use of taxpayer dollars to fund abortion services;

now, therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED that current state law prohibits the use of taxpayer dollars to fund abortion services, the Travis County Republican Party opposes the current illegal use of taxpayer funds for abortion and/or abortion services of any kind by the City of Austin and/or Travis County. Approved 3/16/21

* * *

Equal Rights Amendment Clarification

WHEREAS, in both its 2018 and its 2020 state platforms, the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) adopted this language among its planks addressed to GOP Texas state lawmakers:

“78. Equal Rights Amendment: We call upon the 87th Texas Legislature to adopt a resolution clarifying that the 1972 ratification by the 62nd Texas Legislature of the proposed Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution was valid only through March 22, 1979.”;

Now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED by the Executive Committee of the Travis County Republican Party that we respectfully request that the two Republican Texas State Senators—the Honorable Dawn Buckingham and the Honorable Donna Campbell—whose districts contain portions of Travis County, join forces and file a concurrent resolution (which would not be subject to the March 12, 2021 bill and joint resolution filing deadline) for the consideration of the now-convened Regular Session of the 87th Texas Legislature so as to fulfill the above-quoted Plank 78 as adopted by the 2018 and 2020 platforms of the RPT; and be it further

RESOLVED that official copies of this resolution be expeditiously transmitted to Senators Buckingham and Campbell apprising them of this request by the Executive Committee of the Travis County Republican Party. Approved 3/16/21

* * *

Resolution Supporting State Restrictions on Homeless Camping

WHEREAS The actions of Mayor Steve Adler and the Austin City Council regarding authorizing homeless camping in most public places in Austin have increased crime and lawlessness, made the city’s homeless problem worse, and created a public safety concern impacting the operation of state government, necessitating action by the Texas Legislature; and

WHEREAS Senate Bill 987 by Sen. Dawn Buckingham (Travis County) – co-sponsored by Sens. Charles Schwertner (Williamson County) and Paul Bettencourt — and House Bill 1925 by Rep. Giovanni Capriglione would create uniform regulation of this problem statewide and would improve the public safety situation in Austin; and therefore

BE IT RESOLVED BY THE TRAVIS COUNTY REPUBLICAN PARTY that the Executive Committee endorses Senate Bill 987 and House Bill 1925 (87th Legislature, Regular Session) or similar legislation protecting public safety by curtailing homeless camping and authorizes party staff and officials to support passage and testify in favor on behalf of the party; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the TRAVIS COUNTY REPUBLICAN PARTY respectfully asks the Republican Party of Texas at its upcoming March 2021 SREC meeting to endorse and support Senate Bill 987 and House Bill 1925 and similar legislation on behalf of the state party. Approved 3/16/21

* * *

Resolution regarding transparent and accurate elections

Whereas mail-in voting, along with weak signature and ID requirements, cast doubt on election results, degrading faith in our Democratic Republic; and

Whereas Travis County Clerk Dana DeBeauvoir prohibited poll watchers from entering the same room as ballot counters and prohibited poll watchers from having meaningful visual access during the 2020 and previous elections; now, therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED that the Travis County Republican Party supports accurate election results and seeks legislation to ensure every vote counted in each election can be verified and proven legal within a very low margin of error. Approved 3/16/21

* * *

Resolution Supporting Legislative Passage of 2020 Legislative Priorities

WHEREAS the 86th (2019) Texas legislative session did not conclude with any of the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) legislative priorities passed intact into law, resulting in “unfinished business” that leaves Texas even more vulnerable to attacks on liberty from the socialist Democrats and Progressives operating in Washington DC, inside Texas, and at the local level, and

WHEREAS, on Day One of the Biden/Harris Administration – January 20, 2021 – through its executive orders, our nation was made weaker, poorer, less free, and less safe, it is of paramount importance to the State Republican Executive Committee, the Republican County Executive Committees, and the Republicans they represent for the 87th legislative session to pass the 2020 RPT legislative priorities into law to safeguard and secure liberty in Texas, and

WHEREAS the following legislative priorities posted overwhelming, super-majority support from 2018 and 2020 Republican Primary voters across Texas and have shown consistent support among the conservative grassroots, and

WHEREAS, our elected representatives in the House and the Senate must deliver our voice to the other members in their respective legislative bodies, and actively pursue, without capitulation or compromise, those legislative priorities which were passed by the 2020 RPT convention delegates, the RPT Chairman’s Committee on Executive Overreach, the post 86th Legislative Session 2020 Lone Star Agenda supported by more than 290 Republican and Conservative local political opinion leaders, and the 2018 RPT Legislative Priorities Committee; therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED that the State Republican Executive Committee shall publish this resolution and send a copy to all Republican statewide officials, State Senators, State Representatives and to each Republican County Executive Committee two weeks prior to the bill filing deadline of March 12, 2021,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that each State Senator and State Representative shall be requested to reply in writing to the State Republican Executive Committee as follows:

✓ clear, unambiguous written communication of position on each legislative priority listed herein, and a

✓ detailed description of commitment to advocate for, author, co-author, sponsor, or co-sponsor and vote for a bill in furtherance of the priority, including existing bill numbers, when they are

The following are the current Republican Party of Texas legislative priorities, which are issues that have overwhelming statewide support by Republicans. These are followed by additional legislative items from Chairman West’s Committee on Executive Overreach, unfinished 2018 RPT Legislative Priorities not included on the 2020 RPT Priorities list, and those crucial items from the 2020 Republican Party of Texas Platform that are desperately needed to protect parents, children, jobs, and human lives from the Biden/Harris Administration and the Socialist/Progressive liberty-killing agenda.

2020 RPT Legislative Priorities:

Election Integrity: Require citizenship verification of each voter, and felony penalties for Election Code violations that threaten election integrity (including curtailing and limiting mail-in/absentee voting due to the abuse of this voting process). 94.82% of 2018 GOP Primary voters and 98.46% of 2020 GOP Primary voters support. This was also 2020 Lone Star Agenda Action Item #5.

Religious Freedom: Restore the rights of individuals, organizations, and businesses, to exercise their sincerely held religious beliefs by prohibiting local ordinances, state laws, or executive orders that violate those rights. No Specific Primary Vote on this issue; however, 88.62% of 2020 GOP Primary voters believe prayer should not be restricted in public schools. This is supported by 2020 Lone Star Agenda Action Item #3.

Children and Gender Modification: Abolish the following practices for minors: intervention to prevent natural progression of puberty; administration of opposite sex hormones; and performance of any type of gender reassignment surgery. 94.65% of 2020 GOP Primary voters support.

Abolition of Abortion: Abolish abortion by ensuring the right to life and equal protection of the laws to all pre-born children from the moment of fertilization. 68.19% of 2018 GOP Primary voters
support. 2020 Lone Star Agenda Action Item #4 supports increased protections for the unborn.

Constitutional Carry: Restore legal Texas firearms owners’ rights to carry them openly or concealed without a permit, while maintaining the option of a permit for reciprocity purposes. 85.38% 2020 GOP Primary voters reject restrictions on right to keep & bear arms. This is supported by 2020 Lone Star Agenda #11.

Monument Protection : All monuments or markers in our state shall be protected by law from being removed, defaced, destroyed, or otherwise dishonored. In particular, specific protection shall be given to the Alamo Cenotaph which shall not be removed from its current location off the Alamo Battlefield footprint. 97.82% of 2020 GOP Primary voters support. This is a 2020 Lone Star Agenda Action Item #8.

School Choice for All: Empower parents and guardians to choose from public, private, charter, or homeschool options for their children’s education using tax credits or exemptions without government restraint or intrusion. 78.67% of 2018 GOP Primary voters support.

Ban Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying: Abolish all forms of taxpayer-funded lobbying. 94.3% of 2020 GOP Primary voters support. This is 2020 Lone Star Agenda Action Item #6.

Additional Legislative Priorities with Republican grassroots support:

From Republican Party of Texas State Chairman LTC Allen West’s Committee on Executive Overreach to address the unconstitutional executive “emergency” authority taken during COVID-19: Reverse the abuse of the executive power (Governor) and restore the rightful limitations on government authority prescribed in the US Constitution and in the Texas Constitution. Supported
by 2020 RPT Platform Planks #79 and 91.

From the 2018 RPT Legislative Priorities:

▪ End Union Dues Withholding from public sector paychecks: Ban/prohibit the use of payroll deductions to collect and/or remit union dues for any employee of an entity with statutory taxing authority (no carve-outs/ exceptions). It is not the responsibility of a taxpayer-funded entity to collect and remit union dues. That practice is an unjust use of taxpayer funds and must be eliminated. 82.95% of 2016 GOP Primary voters supported. This is 2020 Lone Star Agenda Action Item #7 and is also found in 2020 RPT Planks #60 and 198.

▪ Property Tax Cuts: As proposed by the Texas House and Senate, the 2022-23 draft state budget fails to adequately prioritize tax relief for overburdened Texans struggling in the face of high taxes, government mandates, and shutdowns. Texas lawmakers should prioritize a full reopening of the economy, spending cuts, and further regulatory and tax relief for hardworking taxpayers. 2018 RPT Legislative Priority and 2020 RPT Platform Planks #57, #159 and

From the 2020 Republican Party of Texas Platform with support from the 2020 Lone Star Agenda (LSA):

Family Rights, Parental Authority and Personal Liberty:

▪ Allow families to make mental and physical health decisions for themselves. We support the parents’ right to choose, without penalty, which medications are administered to their minor children. We support informed consent of parents before any school-based mental health assessments or interventions are performed. (2020 RPT Platform Planks #149, #268 thru #270; LSA Action Item #1)

▪ Stop wrongful removal of children from families by restoring due process rights for parents. (2020 RPT Platform Plank #95; LSA Action Item #2)

▪ Patient Rights Protection from Death Panels: Texas law should provide that medical personnel may not deny care, change advanced directives, or originate directives for any patient without the permission of the patient or the patient’s designate. Prohibit the discriminatory rationing of healthcare services premised on any aspect of the patient, including a patient’s age, race, sex, disability, or perceived quality of life. (2020 RPT Platform Planks #276-277)

Justice and Security:

▪ Texas should secure its southern border and exercise interior enforcement to end the illegal immigration “magnet” effects from: a) Texas employers who hire illegal workers, which take jobs from American citizens; b) Texas institutions of higher education offering discounted “in-state tuition;” and b) taxpayer-funded social services and non-emergency health care for illegal aliens. (2020 RPT Platform Planks #295 thru #299; LSA Action Item #9)

▪ End modern-day slavery known as human trafficking, which supplies humans for the sex trade and cheap labor. (2020 RPT Platform Planks #105-106; LSA Action Item# 10.)  Approved 3/16/21

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